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South Korean authorities encourage men to marry foreign women. But they often become victims of abuse

3 Aug 2020 05:14

Trinh met her murderer through a matchmaker.

No signs Trump has pandemic plan despite chilling warnings from administration's top doctors

3 Aug 2020 07:32

Dozens seen partying at event in LA honoring first responders

2 Aug 2020 22:21

Dozens of people attended a party at a Los Angeles bar without wearing masks or adhering to social distancing guidelines. The bar's owners say the event was meant to "honor first responders." California has over 500,000 reported cases of coronavirus, more than any other state in the US. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

A 'major incident' has been declared in Manchester, England

Australia imposes strict new virus measures in Victoria as early successes unravel

3 Aug 2020 08:14

Stelter: We are witnessing creeping authoritarianism

2 Aug 2020 19:23

CNN's Brian Stelter discusses how the upcoming November election will look vastly different from previous ones, and concerns about President Donald Trump's baseless claims about election fraud.

NASA-SpaceX mission: Astronauts splashdown after historic mission

3 Aug 2020 02:24

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft — carrying NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley — splashed down into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, marking a safe end to an historic two-month mission and paving the way for the United States to once again become a world leader in human spaceflight.

Miles O'Brien explains benefits of a SpaceX water landing

2 Aug 2020 19:24

The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule splashed down off of Pensacola Beach, Florida, after returning from the International Space Station with astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley aboard in a joint operation between SpaceX and NASA.

Why do some people get sick and even die from Covid-19, while similar people show no symptoms?

3 Aug 2020 01:18

We're now more than seven months into the coronavirus pandemic that has upended the lives of most of Earth's inhabitants. And while it is true that the scientific community has learned many things about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, there are also many gaps in our understanding.

This is how American police gear up to respond to protests

How family, fight and fortune fashioned India's very own sporting 'Wonder Woman'

3 Aug 2020 02:05

Imagine being cut off from reality. Not for a day, a week, a month -- but three months. Welcome to P. V. Sindhu's world in 2016.

Trump directed controversial Pentagon pick into new role with similar duties after nomination failed

3 Aug 2020 02:10

A controversial Trump administration pick for a top Pentagon post has been placed into a senior role days after his nomination hearing was canceled amid bipartisan opposition to his nomination.

Another fake Pelosi video goes viral on Facebook

3 Aug 2020 03:52

Facebook's fact-checkers on Sunday labeled as "partly false" a video that it said was manipulated to make it appear as if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was drunk or drugged. The video had been circulating on Facebook since Thursday and by Sunday night had been viewed more than 2 million times.

Microsoft in talks over TikTok purchase

3 Aug 2020 02:54

Microsoft says it is still discussing a potential purchase of TikTok, days after President Donald Trump said he would ban the popular short-form video app from operating in the United States.

Mexico arrests alleged cartel chief known as 'El Marro' -- the Sledgehammer

3 Aug 2020 00:46

Mexican security forces on Sunday arrested the alleged leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, commonly known as "El Marro" -- the Sledgehammer.

7-Eleven owner is buying Marathon Petroleum's Speedway gas stations for $21 billion

3 Aug 2020 05:54

The Japanese owner of 7-Eleven is buying the Speedway chain of gas stations from Marathon Petroleum for $21 billion.

Hotel occupancy rates in Paris are down 86%

2 Aug 2020 11:31

Hotel occupancy rates in Paris are down 86% compared to last year. CNN's Melissa Bell explains the severe impact Covid-19 has had on tourism in the city.

The one mistake Biden mustn't make with his veep pick

2 Aug 2020 21:44

Joe Biden has promised to announce his choice for vice president in the coming days. While political insiders and members of the media have obsessed over every possible contender, the announcement will likely be forgotten within days as focus will revert to the pandemic and the candidates at the top of the ticket.

US election poll: Analyst says this is the latest sign that Trump is in trouble

1 Aug 2020 22:19

CNN analyst Harry Enten explains recent polling that shows some historically Republican states could be more competitive leading into the 2020 presidential election, and other factors that could make President Donald Trump's reelection challenging.

Trump is losing a must-win state

3 Aug 2020 07:53

Absentee ballots start getting mailed to North Carolina voters in just 33 days, and a new CBS News/YouGov poll reveals ominous news for President Donald Trump in the Tar Heel state.

North Korea claims it already has vaccine in clinical trials

3 Aug 2020 04:08

North Korea claims that it is developing a vaccine for Covid-19 as state media maintains that the country is still "virus free." CNN's Will Ripley reports

Lord & Taylor files for bankruptcy protection

3 Aug 2020 00:10

Becoming the latest of many retailers to declare bankruptcy during the coronavirus pandemic, department store Lord & Taylor has filed for Chapter 11.

36 crew on Norwegian cruise ship test positive for Covid-19

2 Aug 2020 21:56

Thirty-six crew and four guests on a Norwegian cruise ship have tested positive for Covid-19, the cruise company says.

Hugs helped El Paso victims cope after the shooting. A sign of affection now could put their lives at risk

3 Aug 2020 08:00

Mario De Alba Montes fought through multiple surgeries and endured feeding tubes for months after shielding his family in the Walmart store massacre in El Paso, Texas.

Tropical Storm Isaias on track to impact the Carolinas late Monday after moving north off Florida coast

3 Aug 2020 06:02

After a weekend of storm preparation with utility crews being staged and shelters being opened in Florida, Tropical Storm Isaias is on track to impact the Carolinas, with storm warnings being extended as far north as Delaware early Monday morning.

Mexico now has third-highest global Covid-19 death toll

1 Aug 2020 14:53

Mexico now has the third-highest global Covid-19 death toll behind the US and Brazil. CNN's Matt Rivers reports from Tijuana, Mexico.

HSBC profits plunge 65% as the pandemic continues to batter its business

3 Aug 2020 05:48

HSBC's profits plunged in the first half of this year as the bank was weighed down by the coronavirus crisis.

The US food system is killing Americans

3 Aug 2020 01:17

This global pandemic has given a new meaning to the idea of American exceptionalism. The United States is faring far worse than other countries and shoulders a disproportionate share of global disease burden -- with 4% of the global population, yet, at the time of writing, nearly a quarter of global Covid-19 fatalities.

Witness describes hearing moment of Alaska plane collision

1 Aug 2020 12:56

Two small planes collided in the air in Alaska on Friday, killing all seven people on both aircraft, including a state representative from the area, state troopers said.

A surfer was bit by a shark in Florida

2 Aug 2020 23:19

A surfer was bit by a shark while swimming in Florida on Friday.

How 'good White people' delay racial progress

Are Thailand's coronavirus numbers too good to be true?

31 Jul 2020 12:26

Thailand reports that it has crushed Covid-19 despite being a well-known hub for tourists, but is it too good to be true? CNN's Anna Coren reports.

It's the 'Sweat' you drink. And it's loved in Asia

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson says Netflix film 'Red Notice' will resume shooting in a 'quarantined bubble'

3 Aug 2020 04:46

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has announced that his production company will resume shooting the Netflix film "Red Notice" in a "quarantined bubble" next month.

These companies are working from home until 2021 -- or forever

2 Aug 2020 18:41

As coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, companies are coming to terms with a future of work that doesn't look anything like it did before -- and many are revisiting their plans to go back to the office.

He's probably been in more movies than any actor in history

2 Aug 2020 12:12

James Hong is everywhere.

Hear from 12-year-old that spoke at John Lewis' funeral

31 Jul 2020 03:31

Tybre Faw, who befriended civil rights icon John Lewis, talks to CNN's Don Lemon about speaking at Lewis' funeral in Atlanta.

Baby elephant dies 27 days after his birth at St. Louis Zoo

3 Aug 2020 07:39

A baby Asian elephant named Avi has died after struggling with health problems since the day he was born.

Bodycam footage shows horse rescued from burning barn

2 Aug 2020 00:48

Bodycam video filmed as police run into a burning barn shows them save a horse in a moment one officer described as being "quickly improvised." CNN affiliate KYW reports.

It's the world's largest dam. But does it work?

1 Aug 2020 01:27

Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower project ever built.

Beyoncé drops new visual album

31 Jul 2020 17:43

The 24-time Grammy Award-winning artist has released her hotly anticipated visual album "Black Is King," inspired by "The Lion King," on Disney+.

You can now buy merch from the infamous Fyre Fest fraud

2 Aug 2020 20:52

The US Marshals are auctioning off a collection of hats, shirts, wristbands and other merchandise from the infamous Fyre Festival fraud.

For many young South Koreans, dating is too expensive, or too dangerous

12 May 2019 02:18

Kim Joon-hyup recently went on his first date in three years. But the 24-year-old student wasn't looking for a girlfriend, he was completing a college assignment.

South Korea's President says he's a feminist. Three of his allies have been accused of sex crimes

16 Jul 2020 06:21

The woman who accused Seoul's mayor of sexual harassment says the city government told her he wasn't "that kind of person" when she made her complaint, according to two non-profit organizations working with her.

South Korea's glass ceiling: the women struggling to get hired by companies that only want men

2 Feb 2019 04:55

The interviewer looked at the 23-year-old woman sitting in front of him. He wasn't impressed -- but his reaction had nothing to do with her resumé.

South Korea's young men are fighting against feminism

24 Sep 2019 02:08

On the same street corner in Seoul where 10,000 South Korean women rallied last October to demand an end to spy cameras and sexual violence, the leader of a new activist group addressed a small group of angry young men.

No signs Trump has pandemic plan despite chilling warnings

3 Aug 2020 06:23

• Australia imposes strict new virus measures in Victoria as early successes unravel • Latest on Covid-19: 'Major incident' declared in Manchester, UK • Amit Shah tests positive for Covid-19 • The Rock's Netflix film will resume shooting in 'quarantined bubble'

How US police gear up to respond to protests

Critics accusing Philippines government of using lockdown to crack down on dissent

3 Aug 2020 07:50

Questioning the world's toughest coronavirus restrictions can be a risky business in the Philippines.

Trump's last gift to Putin before the election

2 Aug 2020 08:47

• Ex-KGB spy talks disinformation tactics and the 2020 election